Agile Academy Full Program

Agile Academy Full Program

When you align your development team with your customers’ needs, you become a solutions-driven organization that produces value-added products and services. Shifting to an Agile methodology allows your team to focus on what customers truly want, and a shorter release cycle creates continuous feedback loops that allow you to make necessary strategic shifts. Agile connects developers with end users, bringing your teams closer to the true need.

In this academy, your managers, software engineers, and QA team learn how to apply the Agile methodology to their development process. The Agile Academy gives technical teams the ability to communicate with product teams in order to better align product roadmaps.

Ideal candidates for this program are software engineers, architects and QA testers who are interested in transitioning into Agile development. The focus of this course is to support your organization’s Agile Transformation by training your key resources on the principles of Agile and the best practices of implementation.


Your Path to Success

We understand the technical tug of war: developers want to learn and grow, and employers want their developers to be productive. With a custom DeveloperAcademy™, both sides win! Our DeveloperAcademy™ programs are structured to allow for classroom time and application time, giving developers an immersive opportunity to learn while doing and providing employers with a way to ensure knowledge is being integrated into daily work life. Programs include a number of weeks for classroom time, with off weeks in between. Students can continue their learning during off weeks through self study, project work and collaborating with peers. Based on our experience, this combination of knowledge transfer and application creates more effective training outcomes.

Program Curriculum

The following is an example Agile Academy. All organizations handle Agile development differently, so we can customize an Agile Academy specifically to meet the needs of your team.

Topics include:

  • Agile Framework
  • Agile Overview
  • The Agile Manifesto and Principles
  • Agile Roles: Stakeholder, Product Owner, ScrumMaster, Team Members
  • Can Agile Fail?
  • The Best Agile
  • Kanban Overview
  • Scrum Overview
  • Lean-Agile Overview
  • Stories from Creation to Completion

Topics include:

  • Specific Tool Training
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Best Practices
  • Ensuring Compliance

Topics include:

  • Scrum in the Organization
  • Writing Good User Stories
  • Grouping and Organizing Stories
  • Building the Backlog
  • Prioritizing the Backlog
  • Grooming the Backlog
  • Release Planning
  • Release Layout

Topics include:

  • Getting Ready for the Sprint
  • Defining Story Points
  • Story Components, Structures, and Formats
  • Definition of Done
  • Loading the Sprint
  • How to use Kanban in Agile

Topics include:

  • The Sprint Lifecycle
  • Story Lifecycles and Statuses
  • Starting the Sprint
  • Doing Standup Right
  • Measuring Sprint Progress
  • Projecting Burndown into the Future
  • Successful Retrospectives
  • Extreme Programming
  • Agile Development with the Unified Process
  • Sprint Practice Session

Topics include:

  • Agile Review
  • Tool Review
  • Build Stories
  • Build a Backlog
  • Build Multiple Releases
  • Create Multiple Sprints
  • Execute Multiple Sprints
  • Complete a Release

Topics include:

  • What is Test-driven Development?
  • How Do I Adopt TDD?
  • Testing Concepts
  • Test-driven Development Concepts
  • Testing Tools
  • Setting Up Testing Infrastructure
  • JUnit Test Framework
  • Mock Objects
  • Refactoring
  • Web Tier Testing
  • Middle Tier Testing
  • Testing Legacy Code
  • Continuous Integration Testing

What’s Included in Your Agile DeveloperAcademy™?

DeveloperAcademy™ is an easy-to-adopt, turnkey alternative to in-house, centralized learning & development (L&D) for technical employees. Every Academy features all of the full-service components below.

  • A collaborative learning platform
  • Access to a world-class self-paced content library
  • A dedicated Program Manager
  • Custom learning paths that meet your organization’s technology needs
  • Pre- and post-measurement on outcomes
  • Standardized reports
  • Classroom instruction led by experts
  • Real-world labs
  • A capstone project of your choice for all students to contribute to
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Next Steps

We will follow up to schedule a scoping call with your team to learn more about your specific company needs and begin building out your custom academy!