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2018 Developer Learning Survey Report

Exploring how, what, where, and why software developers want to learn in 2018!

How to Train Software Developers in 2018?

We surveyed 850+ software developers about their learning and training preferences. The survey explored everything from how they get training now, where they learn on their own, what languages/frameworks they want to learn, and how they’d like to learn in their ideal environment.

Data based on surveying developers at companies like:

The data gathered is distilled down into insights and recommendations in this report, that will help learning and training managers design learning programs that developers will love. This report will ultimately help you:

  • Deliver software more quickly, with fewer bugs

  • Attract, retain, and grow top engineers

  • Make learning an enabler for your strategic goals

  • Increase ROI on your learning dollars

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Explores the following technologies and more: