Virtual DevOps Bootcamp

Adopt the DevOps Mindset Through Your Own DevOps Academy

You’ve made the decision to embrace DevOps and have started to assemble the tools and infrastructure. Now you need to train your teams.

You have three choices:

  1. Train your teams in house – is this really where you want your SMEs to focus?
  2. Leveraging your internal business partners, who are not experts in training, to make the decisions for you.
  3. Or, adopt a DevOps Academy – a comprehensive virtual learning program delivered industry experts developed by an experienced tech L&D team.

DeveloperAcademy™ is a proven alternative to in-house training or a reliance on unproven training modalities, offering a centralized L&D for technical employees.

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DevOps Academy Overview

Creating a DevOps culture in your business allows Software Development and Software Operations to align on strategy and priorities. In this academy, your team defines the basic concepts of DevOps, as well as build a skill set on the technologies that support the practice. At the end of the academy, your team will be able to support or participate in a DevOps initiative and come away with a consistent level of knowledge about this important technical movement.

The DevOps Academy is intended for system administrators, network administrators, and IT ops engineers who are moving to a DevOps paradigm.

DevOps Academy Program Curriculum

The following is an example DevOps Academy. All organizations handle DevOps differently, so we can customize a DevOps Academy specifically to meet the needs of your team.

Interested in DevOps? Here Are a Few Things to Consider

Anything related to emerging technologies, in this case we’re referring to DevOps, can take a while to generate widespread adoption. There’s a certain level of commitment and attention required to fully engage key stakeholders.

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Why It’s Unique

Whenever an organization adopts a new technology, there is a risk. There is a technical risk, business risk, and human capital risk. By mitigating those risks, you’ll be able to achieve your goals. Leveraging an off-the-shelf boot camp offering to equip your staff has risks. The program may not align with your technology stack. Or worse, the instructors may not have real-world experience in the technology you’re moving to. No one wants yet another failed technology initiative.

That’s why since 2005, we’ve been delivering highly-customized, project-relevant learning solutions. Instead of delivering a canned off-the-shelf academy program, our team of learning and technology experts works with you to understand your team, your stack, your project requirements, and your ideal outcome. From there, we build and deliver your custom learning solution producing measurable results and amazing accolades from the participants at scale.