Engineering Leadership Bootcamp

Build an Engineering Leadership Team to Create Team Cohesiveness and Growth

Support well-rounded development managers and help transition your high-performing engineers into successful organizational leaders.

You have three choices:

  1. Train your teams in house – is this really where you want your SMEs to focus?
  2. Leveraging your internal business partners, who are not experts in training, to make the decisions for you.
  3. Or, adopt an Engineering Leadership Academy – a comprehensive on-site learning program delivered industry experts developed by an experienced tech L&D team.

DeveloperAcademy™ is a proven alternative to in-house training or a reliance on unproven training modalities, offering a centralized L&D for technical employees.

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Engineering Leadership Academy Overview

Great engineers are hard-working, quality-minded and collaborative. But turning these great team members into great leaders takes time, and as they transition into management roles, they need new skills to help them achieve success. These technical managers need a unique blend of professional skills focused on people’s development, as well as technical skills focused on driving their teams through new challenges.

The Engineering Leadership Academy is designed to support well-rounded development managers and help transition your high-performing engineers into successful organizational leaders. As they move through this journey with other new managers, they will build a support network to create cohesive messages across the organization and create a new standard for incoming engineers who aspire to become great leaders.

Engineering Leadership Academy Curriculum

The following curriculum is an example Engineering Leadership Developer Academy. DI can customize the content to include any technology or methodology to meet the needs of your organization.

Why It’s Unique

Whenever an organization adopts a new technology, there is a risk. There is a technical risk, business risk, and human capital risk. By mitigating those risks, you’ll be able to achieve your goals. Leveraging an off-the-shelf boot camp offering to equip your staff has risks. The program may not align with your technology stack. Or worse, the instructors may not have real-world experience in the technology you’re moving to. No one wants yet another failed technology initiative.

That’s why since 2005, we’ve been delivering highly-customized, project-relevant learning solutions. Instead of delivering a canned off-the-shelf academy program, our team of learning and technology experts works with you to understand your team, your stack, your project requirements, and your ideal outcome. From there, we build and deliver your custom learning solution producing measurable results and amazing accolades from the participants at scale.