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Secure Coding Developer Academy

Protect Your Organization’s Software from Security Vulnerabilities with Skills Learned in Your Own Secure Coding Developer Academy.

You have three choices:

  1. Train your teams in house – is this really where you want your SMEs to focus?
  2. Leverage your internal learning & development (L&D) – and get disjointed training from a multitude of vendors.
  3. Or, adopt a Secure Coding Developer Academy – a comprehensive learning solution delivered by an industry-leading learning vendor.

Developer Academy is an easy-to-adopt, turnkey alternative to in-house, centralized L&D for technical employees.

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Secure Coding Developer Academy

Cyberattacks are on the rise, and organizations are working to ensure their applications are protected and their data is safe. The Secure Coding program is structured around practical learning experiences intended to help software development teams quickly learn about security threats and strategies for implementing defensive measures in their code base.

This program features sessions that are a mix of conceptual discussion, analysis of code with threats, refactoring the threats away, and architectural discussion to ensure the concepts are implemented properly. The ideal candidates for this course are development team members, QA personnel, and managers who are interested in creating code that is safe from threat. Students should have practical development experience, as specific code bases are not covered. After the course, participants have practical knowledge of secure coding that can be immediately applied to their current daily tasks.

Program Curriculum

The following is a representative Secure Coding program structure. We know that everyone does Secure Coding differently, so we customize a Secure Coding Developer Academy specifically to your team’s environments.

Why It’s Unique

DevelopIntelligence believes the most impactful learning programs are customized specifically to the people, the productivity, the project, and the platform. This unique approach provides a nearly personalized, on-the-job learning experience. The more aligned the learning experience is to the daily tasks and responsibilities of a job, the more quickly your team is able to successfully apply what they learned back on the job. Faster application = faster results. Instead of a canned, one-size-fits-all approach to learning, DI works with your team to deliver a customized learning program.

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