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Over the years, we’ve built a model that has helped some of the world’s largest brands attract and retain developers. The Developer Academy model is customized to meet each of our partner’s individual needs to grow their engagement on their developer teams.

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Why should you invest in an internal Developer Academy?

Developers seek out training for practical reasons. More than 55% use training to meet current or upcoming work needs, or to advance their careers.

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Unlike industry norms, we don’t charge extra to customize a learning solution. We know engineers learn best when training relevant to their project. It’s why we continuously recalibrate and fine-tune our training programs to meet your specific needs and our high quality standards.

98% Satisfaction*

Common metrics like smile sheets don’t tell the whole story about course satisfaction and knowledge retention. But when a student recommends the course to a peer you know its truly great. Some 98% of our students think our courses are great.

Best Value Per Student*

We offer flat-fee pricing, and there are no travel or customization charges. A one-year Safari Books account is available for each student. You can easily train your team for less than $1,700 per person.

We offer training on the latest technologies:

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Developer Academy Is an Easy-To-Adopt Alternative to In-House Training for Technical Employees.

Our Training-as-a-Service model delivers greater access to learning in a more flexible, robust and efficient way.  Developer Academy is a one-stop shop for technical training that engineers will like and use. We offer more than 130% more than the industry average in technical training to your developers without increasing your budget.

The software you’re building is unique. Your technical training should be too.

Developer Academy designs, delivers and manages world-class technical training programs for software development and engineering organizations that consistently attract, retain and grow top technical talent.

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