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Transform non-technical employees into front-end developers in the Learn to Code Developer Academy.

Fill open reqs and increase the capacity of your development teams by transforming non-traditional, non-technical employees into front-end web developers.

Extending development capability to your non-technical employee base can exponentially increase capacity and turn all your stakeholders into Junior Developers.

Developer Academy is an all-inclusive, subscription-based technical learning and development alternative to in-house run programs.

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Over the years, hundreds of employees at companies like these, relied on Learn to Code Developer Academy to enable their coding transformation.

Learn to Code Developer Academy Overview

Most seasoned developers report when they started to code they learned the most when they had to read someone else’s code, find the bug, fix it and test it. The focus of this program is to turn non-technical employees into a Junior Developer capable of implementing feature enhancements and bug fixes. Overtime, they will be able to actively participate in greenfield development.

Learn to Code Developer Academy Curriculum Overview

The following is a best-in-class representation of a Learn to Code Program. We know every organization has different business objectives, uses different technologies, and has different standards. That’s why every Developer Academy program we offer can be customized specifically to your needs.

Why It’s Unique

DevelopIntelligence believes the most impactful learning programs are customized specifically to the people, the productivity, the project and the platform. This unique approach provides a nearly personalized, on-the-job learning experience. The more aligned the learning experience is to the daily tasks and responsibilities of a job, the more immediate your team is able to successfully apply what they learned back on the job. Faster application == faster results. Instead of a pre-canned, one-size-fits-all approach to learning, DI will work with your team to deliver a customize learning program.

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