Mainframe to Java Developer Academy

Mainframe to Java Developer Academy Overview

This academy equips mainframe software engineers with the knowledge and experience necessary to be capable and productive Java developers. The Mainframe to Java Developer Academy is a multi-module, expert-led academy in which mainframe software engineers transform their current knowledge into broad and deep Java back-end development skills. Upon completion of the program, attendees are equipped to tackle your company’s existing codebase as well as build new Java applications.

Ideal candidates for this program are mainframe software engineers (e.g., COBOL, RPG, CICS, etc.) The focus of this academy is to transform mainframe software engineers into Java developers who can contribute to your organization’s production code.

Your Path to Success

We understand the technical tug of war: developers want to learn and grow, and employers want their developers to be productive. With a custom DeveloperAcademy™, both sides win! Our DeveloperAcademy™ programs are structured to allow for classroom time and application time, giving developers an immersive opportunity to learn while doing and providing employers with a way to ensure knowledge is being integrated into daily work life. Programs include a number of weeks for classroom time, with off weeks in between. Students can continue their learning during off weeks through self study, project work and collaborating with peers. Based on our experience, this combination of knowledge transfer and application creates more effective training outcomes.

Program Curriculum

The Mainframe to Java Academy covers Java programming coupled with the history, advantages, and fundamentals of object-oriented programming.

The following curriculum is an example Mainframe to Software Developer Academy focused on creating Java developers who can jump right in to an existing codebase or develop new applications to benefit your organization.


Topics include:

  • What is Java
  • Introduction to OO in Java
  • Basic Java Syntax
  • Object Inheritance in Java
  • Creating Enumerations
  • Using Lambdas
  • Static Class Design
  • Working with Java Exception
  • Working with the Logging library
  • Working with Collections
  • Working with Text
  • Working with I/O
  • Introduction to Java Platform APIs
  • Threading with java.lang APIs
  • Plain file I/O features of and java.nio.file
  • Simple network I/O, Socket and ServerSocket

Topics include:

  • OO vs. Traditional Software Development
  • Introduction to OO Software Development
  • Core Object Oriented Concepts

    • Classes
    • Interfaces (vs. Classes)
    • Importance of coding for interfaces
    • Abstract Base Classes
    • Encapsulation/Information Hiding
    • Polymorphism
  • Designing for Reusability through Modularity
  • Designing for Reusability in Objects
  • Introduction to OO Analysis and Design
  • Introduction to UML
  • OOAD Design Approaches
  • Java Enterprise Design Patterns
  • Simplifying the Design Process using Patterns

Topics include:

  • Java Build Frameworks (Ant/Ivy, Maven, Gradle)
  • Installing and Configuring Maven
  • Dependency Management with Maven
  • Using an Artifact Repository
  • Externalizing Build Configuration and Parameters
  • Build Automation with Jenkins

Topics include:

  • Benefits of TDD and its Impact on the Organization
  • Review of Testing Concepts
  • TDD Concepts
  • Testing Tools
  • How to Set Up a Testing Infrastructure
  • JUnit Test Framework
  • Mock Objects
  • Refactoring
  • Web and Middle Tier Testing
  • Testing Legacy Code

Topics include:

  • Database Concepts
  • Introduction to MySQL
  • Working with Tables
  • Simple Data Querying
  • Writing a Simple JDBC Application
  • JPA (Java Persistence API)
  • NoSQL, Graphs, and In-memory Data Management
  • What is MongoDB?
  • Core MongoDB Concepts
  • Performing standard DB operations with MongoDB
  • Introduction to the MongoDB API
  • Designing Indexes and Schemas for MongoDB
  • Setting up replication with Mongo
  • Sharding: Simple MongoDB Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting

Topics include:

  • Overview of Web Services
  • HTTP as a protocol base for REST
  • Web Services for Java
  • Working with JAX-RS
  • Working with Return Types
  • Handling Errors
  • Writing Clients
  • Server-side Asynchronous HTTP
  • Filters

Topics include:

  • Spring Framework Overview (Boot, Cloud, Data Flow)
  • Spring Container
  • Dependency Injection
  • The Spring Servlet Stack with MVC
  • The Spring Reactive Stack with WebFlux
  • Spring Cloud and Data Flow
  • Use Cases for Spring Cloud and Data Flow

What’s Included in Your Mainframe to Java Developer Academy?

DeveloperAcademy™ is an easy-to-adopt, turnkey alternative to in-house, centralized learning & development (L&D) for technical employees. Every Academy features all of the full-service components below.

  • A collaborative learning platform
  • Access to a world-class self-paced content library
  • A dedicated Program Manager
  • Custom learning paths that meet your organization’s technology needs
  • Pre- and post-measurement on outcomes
  • Standardized reports
  • Classroom instruction led by experts
  • Real-world labs
  • A capstone project of your choice for all students to contribute to
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Next Steps

We will follow up to schedule a scoping call with your team to learn more about your specific company needs and begin building out your custom academy!